Thursday, April 26, 2012


I seek inspiration in my daily life from GOD. If not for God I wouldn't be where I am today, meaning the place inside myself. God is my inspiration and my driving force to learn, grow, and to better myself. Also to be of service to others here on earth.

I think it's safe to say that I already actively apply my inspiration from God into my writing. It comes natural to me because it is a foundational part of my belief system. For instance, I aspire to be open-minded, fair, passionate, and genuinely sincere every time I write. I try to be truthful but tactful also.

My inspiration plays a big part in my writing style. This is because my writing is coming from my God center. They are connected and I am always being guided from that part of me that stays plugged in to the Divine. Even if at times my writing style may seem to be lacking that essence that comes from my spiritual nature.

For a large part, I believe that my writing style melds well with my inspirational source and motivation. Most of the time I live and write from a place of feeling and emotion. However, I can see how my writing also can take a somewhat technical curve. In that case, my writing style could be hindering the inspiration in my message. I definitely think it would be of benefit to practice more. I think by centering myself before hand, it would help to bring it all together more and express my true spiritual essence. .

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